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EcuTek Release ProECU Honda


EcuTek Release ProECU Honda


We are delighted to announce the launch of the ProECU Tuning Suite for Honda. After continued requests from the Honda community and many months of development, our first Honda product covers the following models: 
Honda Civic Type R 2006-2012 inc Mugen and FD2/FN2 chassis (Asia, Australia, Europe, Japan)
Honda Civic Si 2006-2012 (USA/Canada)
​Acura CSX Type-S 2007-2010​ (Canada) 


ProECU Honda

Civic Type R & Civic Si (2006-12)

Acura CSX Type-S (2007-2010)

We are delighted to announce the launch of the ProECU Tuning Suite for Honda. After continued requests from the Honda community and many months of development, our first Honda product covers the following models:
Honda Civic Type R 2006-2012 inc Mugen and FD2/FN2 chassis 
(Asia, Australia, Europe, Japan)
Honda Civic Si 2006-2012 (USA/Canada)
​Acura CSX Type-S 2007-2010​ (Canada)
2.0-litre four-cylinder naturally aspirated with VTEC valve control
197bhp (147kW); engine codes K20Z1 to K20Z4

ProECU Features

Clear Map Descriptions
Including those for cam timing (VTC) and cam profile/lift (VTEC) control

High-Speed CAN Logging
Including more than 40 custom parameters
Coloured Map Tracing for AFR and Knock
This handy visual reference makes it easier to trace problems

High-speed ECU reprogramming in as little as 10 seconds

ECU Backup
Reassurance: make a copy of your ECU image before tuning

Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Read and clear engine ECU diagnostic trouble codes

ECU Recovery
Your saviour if for some reason programming fails

ROM Compare
Quickly highlights the differences between original and modified ROM 


Honda Civic EcuTek RaceRom Features

  • Adjustable Launch Control
  • Flat-Foot Shift
  • Downshift Auto-Blip
  • Accelerator Pedal Trim
  • Four-way Mode Switching
  • Speed Density/Hybrid SD with Alpha N
  • Engine Load Rescaling for Forced Induction
  • VTEC Activation Speed
  • Custom Maps
RaceROM Features: Click on the above video to see each feature in action
Adjustable Launch Control
Determine and set your own launch rpm preferences. The launch RPM is adjustable from the cruise control switch gear and can be enabled for any of the four Map Switch modes. The Ignition Timing and AFR can be calibrated pre-launch and a progressive time based after launch feature prevents excessive wheel spin.
Flat-Foot Shifting
Flat-Foot Shifting allows you to keep your foot flat on the accelerator when changing gears, in order to minimise your gear change time and to maintain engine speed for when the next gear is engaged. By reducing the engine torque and controlling the air-fuel ratio during gearshifts, the engine, clutch and drivetrain are not unnecessarily stressed.
Downshift Auto-Blip
The Auto-Blip feature applies a short burst of throttle when the driver is down-shifting under braking. This raises the RPM to help provide a smooth entry into the lower gear, reducing engine braking and shocks to the transmission.
Accelerator Pedal Trim (APT)
These allow you to profile the relationship between the accelerator position and the throttle butterfly opening for a given RPM and vehicle speed. Create four different calibrations, one for each of the Map Switch modes.
Four-way Map Switching
Four separate modes that can be selected using the cruise control switch gear with the rev counter providing a visual indication of the current mode selected. Create Custom Maps to add or remove fueling or timing and enable features like Launch Control, Flat Foot Shift, Auto Blip or Speed Density in any of the modes.
Speed Density/Hybrid SD With Alpha N
The Speed Density (SD) feature changes the way the engine load is calculated. When SD mode is activated, the ECU will disregard the MAF sensor reading and will instead calculate mass airflow based on engine speed, manifold pressure and air temperature. This feature can be useful in the following circumstances:
  • Extra large MAF sensor intakes have been fitted or air turbulence from the compressor wheel causing poor air-speed stability
  • The MAF sensor reading hits 5V at high RPM
  • An external blow-off valve has been fitted (when turbocharged)
In addition, the Hybrid Speed Density feature offers a combined MAF and SD configuration in which the transition from MAF to SD (or SD to MAF) can be calibrated against a range of activation thresholds such as Engine Speed, Mass AirFlow or Manifold Pressure. The throttle-based 'Alpha N' option will suit an engine fitted with throttle bodies which use neither MAF or MAP sensor for the load input.
Engine Load Rescaling for Forced Induction Tuning
The restrictive factory engine load calculation has been elegantly rescaled to allow for the much higher loads generated by supercharging or turbocharging.
VTEC Activation Speed
This feature allows you to determine and set the engine speed at which the VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) function activates and deactivates. VTEC employs two camshaft profiles (lower engine speeds and economy versus high-engine speeds and power) and selects hydraulically between them. 
Custom Maps
Providing 16 powerful maps that can be configured entirely as the tuner wishes (any combination of X and Y inputs can be defined as a map). The use of that map and the circumstances under which it should be active can also be specified. Make calculations, set limits and thresholds, re-purpose inputs and outputs to work with custom sensors or solenoids, import signals... make any map you want!
With Custom Maps you can have...
Flex-Fuel Tuning
The Type R can be accurately tuned for any ethanol content ratio, making it a safe and reliable Flex-Fuel setup. Custom Maps offers detailed ignition and fuel control for any given ratio, even linked to turbocharger boost control. 
Fail Safe Maps
Fail Safe maps can be created to protect the engine should the fuelling run lean at high RPM or high speed. Additional protection can be added for air, coolant and oil temperature exceeding certain thresholds.
Closed-Loop Fuel Control
Create a full-load closed-loop AFR control strategy on full power using proportional and integral compensation maps to adjust fuel injection volume for a given AFR error.
Closed-Loop Boost Control 
Custom Maps can offer a wastegate-solenoid-driven boost control on forced induction setups. It can be basic open-loop control or sophisticated closed loop with proportional and integral control, and gear, temperature and altitude compensations can be added. This output duty cycle control can be used with supercharging to recirculate or vent inlet manifold pressure under part load when undersized drives are used. 
Adjustable Traction Control
Create a fully adjustable Traction Control system including a progressive wheel slip strategy that can be different in each map switch mode. Utilising throttle control and ignition retard this system is far superior to the basic and obtrusive factory control.

ProECU Honda

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The ProECU Honda Programming Kit includes the latest-specification EcuTek Vehicle Interface (EVI), which is necessary for Honda tuning.

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