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EcuTek Release ProECU Nissan GT-R RaceROM Phase 5


EcuTek Release ProECU Nissan GT-R RaceROM Phase 5


The team at EcuTek is delighted to announce the release of Nissan GT-R RaceROM Phase 5, available for all GT-R models.

Phase 5 puts the EcuTek GT-R platform at the cutting edge of what's possible with the stock ECU. Read on to see all the great features in this new release.


Product Information

Improved Custom Maps

We have improved our unique and innovative Custom Maps feature to enable even more tuning possibilities. With the addition of our dedicated boost control and FlexFuel strategies, all 16 custom maps are now available for the tuners to further exploit the power of RaceROM.

Additional inputs and outputs, combined with expanded possibilities for manipulating the values, allow for complex control strategies to be created from something as simple as a fuel pressure fail safe to a slip target based multi-layered traction control system. Enhancements include:

  • On/Off and PWM outputs for controlling external hardware such as nitrous solenoids
  • More voltage inputs for additional sensors such as fuel pressure or engine trim switches
  • Averaged wheel speed inputs, wheel spin measurements, randomised cylinder fuel cut, throttle control, all ideal for building custom traction control features
  • Primary fuel pump duty cycle control and secondary on/off control to allow full control over larger fuel pumps such as ASNU's Battleship system
  • Notes field, so each Custom Map can be described.

12-Injector Support

With 12-injector hardware increasingly available off the shelf and power levels only ever going up, balancing fuel delivery with engine running quality becomes ever more important. Until now the choice has been to use expensive aftermarket ECU systems or very large injectors that can lead to poor inconsistent running or severely limit the choice of race gas for high boost applications.

Using a 12-injector inlet manifold, secondary injector wiring harness and secondary injector driver module, a secondary bank of injectors can be switched in by a re-purposed secondary air solenoid output at low to medium load while injector opening times are recalculated using a secondary injector scaling.

Using this feature will enable you to obtain a smooth idle while delivering the volume of fuel you need under load, particularly on FlexFuel equipped cars due to the increased fuel flow requirements of ethanol. Now you can use the standard ECU to deliver the perfect combination of monster track car and daily driver.

New Boost Control System


The stock GT-R boost control is difficult to understand and time consuming to tune, so we created more familiar control tools in Phase 4. For Phase 5 EcuTek have added a new boost control strategy written from the ground up to make it effective but simple to tune, no longer relying on Custom Maps.

This provides a number of benefits:

  • Closed loop boost control with proportional and integral feedback
  • Integration with our RaceROM boost controller
  • Easy to understand. Simple to set up whatever your turbo installation
  • Altitude correction
  • Fail safe temperature limit which lowers the boost target
  • Linked to our FlexFuel strategy with a dedicated ethanol boost target
  • Boost target is gear dependent - this means you can set your boost target to the limit of traction or mechanicals
  • A corrected Nissan boost display to read true gauge pressure even at altitude.


New FlexFuel Strategy

Now hard coded into the software, there is no need to use Custom Maps to develop your FlexFuel calibration. With the addition of an Ethanol content sensor utilising a 0-5v output, it's now easier than ever for tuners using Ethanol for the first time to create a quality FlexFuel tune without an in depth understanding of RaceROM Custom Maps.

It uses 3D maps to define Ethanol ignition timing, AFR target and boost target with 2D blend maps to determine how they are applied with varying Ethanol content. Overall fuel flow and cranking fuel adjustments are made separately.

This gives you comprehensive control of fuel, ignition and boost for varying Ethanol content levels delivering a true FlexFuel capability from the stock ECU.

Faster Flashing for ECU and TCM

Using our unique programming system, FastFlash programming of the ECM and TCM is reduced to under 10 seconds!

Simplified Valet Mode

Developed for 370Z and very well received, this simplified Valet Mode does exactly that. Makes it easy to set Valet Mode using the same method employed for map switching.
 More Logging Parameters

We have further enhanced our integrated logging function by adding additional parameters such as:
  • Wheel slip calculated from configurable front and rear wheel speeds for each axle, ideal for custom traction control
  • Manifold gauge pressure, absolute pressure and a full range of boost and wastgate duty parameters to support our new boost control
We have optimised the retrieval of live data from the ECU to increase the number of different parameters that can be logged at a time beyond the limits of the stock ECU. This allows for a comprehensive selection of live data by default to cover most tuners needs.

Additional Traction Control Parameters

As we all know, simply having a high powered car is not the answer to fast drag or time attack times. Driver skill, track prep and weather conditions all have their part to play.

To build on our Phase 4 launch control and traction control delivered through Custom Maps, we have given you even more control to dial in the launch and ensure the traction is the best it can be for the track conditions on the day. Plus, because we can control an output from Custom Maps via the Cruise Control, you can adjust your traction control with your thumb!

Here are some examples of the control you can have using Custom Maps:
  • Low speed control & higher speed control
  • Traction control slip target for gear position
  • Allowing user slip target adjustment via cruise control or additional switch
  • How aggressive the traction control is versus RPM
  • How aggressive traction control is versus throttle
  • How aggressive traction control is versus torque split %
  • How aggressive traction control is versus VDC Torque limit request
  • How aggressive traction control is versus steering position
  • How aggressive traction control is versus an accelerator
  • Control how quickly the power is reinstated once the slip falls within the target
  • Cylinder cut versus required torque reduction
  • Ignition retard versus required torque reduction
  • Lambda target reduction versus torque reduction
  • Torque reduction method – fuel cut, ignition timing, torque limit, boost or throttle angle

Phase 5 - BETA Testing Results

Litchfield Imports

Here Iain Litchfield demonstrates the power of our hard coded FlexFuel feature to deliver 1,164 BHP using their fully built 3.8 litre sport engine and turbo kit and 700 BHP from a Litchfield Stage 4 consisting of intakes, injectors, fuel pumps and exhaust.


Visconti Tuning

John Visconti demonstrates our 12-injector support and FlexFuel capability to deliver 1,352 whp and 1,022 wtrq on a BL 1300 set up using 1,100 cc injectors. In the log files the change over from 6 to 12 injectors is highlighted and you can see there is a seamless transition with very little AFR disturbance, imperceptible in the car. Note also that peak injector duty is only at 84% when delivering these power figures. 

Visconti Tuning's plug and play kit which is very simple to install and works in conjunction with Phase 5


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