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Mitsubishi CAN Colt

Mitsubishi CAN Colt supports the 2005 onward Euro Mitsubishi Colt CZT and Ralliart vehicles including the SMART ForFour Brabus vehicle. This tuning suite is for versions of these vehicles that use an air flow meter.

8 ECU versions are currently supported from all regions, except the K-Line models which are supported by the Mitsubishi K-Line Tuning Suite.


Please click on the links to the right to see the software features that are available, such as Tunable Parameters.

The Tuning Results page shown that the power can eassily be increased from 150bhp to 190bhp.

RaceROMRaceROM Support

This Tuning Suite supports EcuTek RaceROM. Please click on the links to the right to see the RaceROM features that are available. 



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