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This interface cable is required for the ProECU Honda Tuning Suite.
This interface cable is required for the ProECU Honda Tuning Suite.
Adjustable Launch Control Flat-Foot Shift Downshift Auto-Blip Accelerator Pedal Trim Four-way Mode Switching Speed Density/Hybrid SD with Alpha N Engine Load Rescaling for Forced Ind...
PROECU Honda supports the Honda Civic Type R with FD2/FN2 chassis (Asia, Australia, Europe, Japan including Mugen, 2006-2012); the Civic Si (USA/Canada 2006-2012); and the Acura CSX Type S (Canada 2007-2010​).  Supported e ngine codes:  K20Z1 to K20Z4. 18 ECU ...
The ProECU Honda tuning suite supports the following models: Euro/JDM/Australia/Asia Civic Type R model years 2006 to 2012, including Mugen models (FD2 and FN2 chassis models) USA Civic Si model years 2006 to 2012 Acura CSX Type-S model years 2007 ...
We are delighted to announce the launch of the ProECU Tuning Suite for Honda. After continued requests from the Honda community and many months of development, our first Honda product covers the following models:  Honda Civic Type R 2006-2012 inc Mugen and FD2/FN2 chassis ...
Clear Map Descriptions ProECU Honda eliminates the need for guesswork thanks to its clear and unambiguous map descriptions, which include those for camshaft timing (the VTC system) and cam profile and lift control (the VTEC system)  High-Speed CAN Log...
Ecutek ではこのたびホンダ用 ProECU チューニングスイートをリリースいたします。ホンダコミュニティからの長年のリクエストと、それにこたえるための Ecutek の長期にわたる開発の結果、私たちの最初のホンダ向け製品は以下の車種をカバーするものになりました。 :
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