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Become a Tuner EcuTek Master Tuner

Becoming an EcuTek Master Tuner

BECOMING a Master Tuner allows you to purchase ProECU Programming kits and retail these to vehicle owners together with your own ECU calibrations.

This allows the experienced tuner to tune vehicles at remote geographic locations, and to supply the customer with a number of calibrations that they can switch between using the EcuTek programming tools they've purchased through their chosen EcuTek Master Tuner.

If you are already an EcuTek Tuner you can apply to become an EcuTek Master Tuner. The approval of your application is at the discretion of EcuTek and we will need to see evidence of your tuning expertise, your capability with our products and your customer support resources and skills before being able to approve you. We only select the very best tuners to become EcuTek Master Tuners.

If you are not yet an EcuTek Tuner, you must become one and gain experience with our products before you are eligible to apply for Master Tuner Status.
ProECU Programming Kit
ProECU Programming Kit
Retailed through EcuTek Master Tuners


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