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Become a Tuner EcuTek Sub-Dealer

Becoming an EcuTek Sub-Dealer

BECOMING an EcuTek Sub-Dealer is the easiest way into tuning with EcuTek Tools.

As a sub-dealer, you will receive your support from a previously appointed EcuTek Tuner with whom you choose to become associated; this company then becomes your 'parent' EcuTek Tuner, and provides you with your ROM file calibrations as well as tuning support and any EcuTek software you may require.

If you are a bona fide tuning company and wish to become an EcuTek Sub-Dealer, please contact the EcuTek Tuner of your choice. Alternatively, contact EcuTek and we will assist you in finding a suitable EcuTek Tuner.


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