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Become a Tuner EcuTek Tuner

Becoming an EcuTek Tuner

ECUTEK prides itself in producing quality products and unparalleled support for the tuners who use its tools. We also take care when appointing new tuners to tune with EcuTek Tools to ensure that the vehicle owner ultimately gets the best performing vehicle from the tuning work that is carried out.

If you are interested in becoming an EcuTek Tuner, we require you to fill in our online Tuner Information form, so that we can learn about your company and ensure that your facilities and experience are worthy of representing the EcuTek brand.
Once we have received your form submission we will study the information you've sent us and will contact you within two days to discuss your application.

Once your Tuner application is approved, we will discuss your requirements and help you to choose the most appropriate tools for your needs. Tuning with EcuTek Tools requires a ProECU Programming Kit (hardware) plus Tuning Suites (software) that cover the range of vehicles you intend to support.

Some of the facilities of EcuTek Master Tuner Litchfield Motors in Gloucestershire



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