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Forms EcuTek ROM Dump Form

EcuTek ROM Dump Form

Please fill out the form below in order to submit a new ROM Dump for tuning support.

Accurate Information

Try to accurately provide all the information requested in the form below. This will allow us to turn around the ROM as quickly as possible.

Missing or partial information will cause delays in processing your request.

If you are submitting a ROM Dump for a Subaru ECU, please provide a picture of the ECU or detail the text on the ECU label in the 'Additional Information' section.

Turnaround Time

ROM file processing is done Monday-Friday during office hours.

EcuTek aim to support new ROMs within 5 working days. Occasionally it takes longer, but usually it is much quicker than this.

If you believe your ROM Dump is more urgent than others in the queue, then please indicate this in the further information section.

Progress Updates

We will email you to confirm we have received your request.

Once we have added support, we will email you again with details of the software update.

Note: If the correct option is not present for any of the fields, please select 'other' and provide the correct data in the 'Additional Information Section'

Note: required for Subaru ECUs
Note: we will use this email address to keep you updated with progress.
Note: this is found in Help Feature & Licence Information of ProECU. This is NOT the dongle serial number printed on the dongle.
I hereby give consent for my information to be used for the purpose of processing my ROM dump submission. I understand that my information will be retained for no more than 7 years and it will not be passed to any third parties:


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