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Honda Civic and Acura CSX 2.0 iVTEC

Honda Civic Type R
ECU Connect is a free app available for your Android™ or Apple device that works with EcuTek’s new Bluetooth Vehicle Interface to offer you advanced features and functionality using your mobile device.

Standard features

The following features are available on any supported 2006-2012 FD2/FD2 2.0 iVTEC Honda Civic Type R/Si and Acura CSX Type S running on the original factory ECU.

Check out the video below to see the features in action.
Detailed vehicle/ECU information
  • Shows the ECU Calibration ID and whether the currently installed RaceROM version supports ECU Connect.
High-speed data logging
  • Display and record up to 150 standard diagnostic parameters.
  • View and reset minimum and maximum values.
  • Add Mark feature allows the user to highlight events in the log file.
Data archive
  • Stores log files, DTCs and performance test results for sharing with tuners or friends – directly from within the app.
Performance analyser
  • Record 0-60mph and ¼ mile performance, as well as Vmax and more.
  • Share online instantly and store on your mobile device for comparison.
ECU Connect Honda performance results
Honda ECU Connect Android data log
Read and clear DTCs plus ECU reset
  • On the engine ECU and sub-system ECUs.
  • Reset all learnt engine ECU values to the factory default settings using the Clear DTC command.
Dealer locator
  • Lists all EcuTek Tuners and Master Tuners around the world and lets you search by vehicle type.

RaceROM features

ECU Connect works with the latest RaceROM feature file to integrate your device with new and existing features such as map switching and launch control.

Custom data logging
  • In addition to the factory data logging parameters, RaceROM includes nearly 100 new parameters added by EcuTek, bringing the total of parameters to almost 300.
Map switching
  • Ideal for vehicles without cruise control switches. Use the app to switch between four different maps, each one defined in ProECU and clearly displayed on your mobile device.
iOS ECU Connect Honda switch maps
iOS ECU Connect Honda launch control
Adjustable launch control
  • Make live adjustments to the launch RPM on your mobile device for the perfect standing start.

RaceROM custom inputs

Custom inputs provide five new virtual inputs that can be controlled using your mobile device. The tuner can configure them as a slider, a numerical value or a switch and use custom maps to create previously unavailable features.

Watch the video below to see the custom inputs.
Live adjustments
  • Use a slider or numerical control to make live changes to cam timing, ignition and fuelling.
Adjustable boost control
  • Set the minimum and maximum boost of a turbocharged model using a driver-adjustable slider control.
Adjustable traction control
  • Use a slider to alter the traction control gain function created using custom maps – this could be throttle based control, ignition retard control or both.
Android ECU Connect Honda custom inputs
Valet mode
  • Create a valet mode using custom maps and switch it on and off using your mobile device.
  • Make the valet mode maximum allowed speed adjustable using custom inputs.
Live solenoid/relay activation
  • Engage and disengage solenoids or relays on demand using your mobile device.
  • Drive an output solenoid to switch on a nitrous or water injection system or enable an exhaust bypass valve.
Turn on/off fail-safe protection
  • With the use of a simple toggle switch on your mobile device, you can enable protection against lean AFR or high temperatures.

ECU Connect vehicle interfaces

ECU Connect vehicle interfaces are available to buy now from your local EcuTek tuner.
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