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ECU Connect Dashboards


The dashboards feature in ECU Connect allows you to create your own custom displays of real-time data from your vehicle's ECU.

Creating your perfect custom dashboard is easy with the built-in editor in ECU Connect.

Creating a custom dashboard

Choose between landscape and portrait mode, then select from a list of widgets such as circular gauges, bar graphs, or text values. You can even adjust the buttons for recording and marking log files.

Assign the ECU parameter you wish to display into any widget, adjust the size and position, and transform your mobile device into a stunning instrument cluster for your vehicle.

Add further widgets to your dashboard, mix and match the widget types and position them however you like. Make them big or small, even overlap them if you want. The possibilities are endless and the bigger the screen the more you can add.

Further Customisation

It is also possible to customer the text and background colours, add your own background image, set the minimum and maximum graphing scale, change the titles and even the unit descriptions.

Create an unlimited number of different displays for each dashboard. Just swipe left during edit mode to add more pages. Give each dashboard a unique name, and switch dashboards as you want.

Saved dashboards can be found under My Files from the main ECU Connect menu.

Advanced Features

Alarms and peak hold

Set the alarm for high and low conditions, choose the warning colours or even make the screen flash when you exceed a defined threshold.

Create a custom shift light to work just how you want.

The peak hold indicator will momentarily show the maximum value that was reached.

Import and export

Share your dashboard profiles with friends from the My Files menu. Send via email, message, Facebook or any other application you are using.

You can also access the Dashboard Manager menu from within the dashboard panel by touching the file icon in the upper-right corner.

Example dashboards

There are additional instructions on how to create dashboards on the EcuTek knowledge base, along with several example dashboards available for download.

There are different layouts, styles and designs for various models and some will depend on the screen size of your device, but the list is growing daily.


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