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ProECU Diagnostic Tools

Subaru Diagnostic Tools

These diagnostic tools were previously called DeltaDash.

The Subaru Diagnostic Tools are included in the ProECU Programming Kit.

The Subaru Diagnostic Tool is a logging and diagnostics suite designed to retrieve data many times faster than the standard Subaru diagnostics tool (aka Subaru Select Monitor) using the power of a Windows PC and more efficient data retrieval methods.

EasyECU KitIt is a very powerful tool, capable of displaying as many analogue or digital parameters as the ECU is willing to supply, and that you have screen space to display, as well as performing On-Road Dyno tests, Map Switching, User Tuning, and Custom In-Car Dashboards.

These tools include the following features:

  • Immobiliser Functions
  • In Car Dashboard
  • Live Data Capture (Logging)
  • View Data Capture logs
  • Adjust Data Capture
  • Adjust Ignition Retard
  • Road Dyno
  • Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)

Nissan GTR Diagnostic Tools

The Nissan GTR Diagnostic Tools are included in the ProECU Programming Kit.

These tools include the following features (and more):

  • Clutch Pressure Adjustments
  • Clutch Touch Points Adjustments
  • Temperate and Warning History read/clear
  • Gearbox Learning
  • Steering wheel sensor calibration
  • Idle Learning
  • Power Balance
  • Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) for various modules
  • Brake Sensor calibration
  • Tyre Pressure Sensor registration



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