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Nissan GT-R ‒ TCM Tools

NISSAN GT-R TCM Tools allows for adjustment of the Transmission Control Module (TCM).


How it works

Clutch Gear Learning
This process will initiate the TCM ECU to self-calibrate the clutch pressure and the clutch touch points along with pump and solenoid duty learning.

Clutch Touch Points
These touch points are the actual engagement point of the clutch plates to connect the engine crankshaft to the input shaft of the gearbox.

Clutch Pressure
The Clutch pressures are applied for each clutch: Clutch A (even gears 2-4-6) and clutch B (odd gears 1-3-5). Raising the clutch pressure values will give a more positive pull-away and gearchange, while reducing these values will encourage clutch slip along with a smoother pull-away with particularly smooth and undetectable gearchanges. On high-power vehicles these pressures should be increased to minimise torque slip upon gearchange.

Read Clutch Temperatures
This will display the highest clutch temperatures reached.

Read Oil Temperature History
This will show the oil temperature history, including the frequency of particular temperatures being reached.

Read Warning History
This will display any protection thresholds that have been triggered.

Clear Warning History
This will clear the TCM warning history.

Reset Clutch Adjustment
This will clear and reset all current clutch capacity or touch-points.



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