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Subaru Diagnostics Tools

This section explains the features within Subaru Diagnostic Tools (formally called DeltaDash).

Over 560 ECUs now supported, including 2012 Model Year ECUs!

Subaru Diagnostics Tools supports the 2.0 Subaru Legacy, Outback and Impreza Diesel models.


For the 99 model year onwards Subaru range of vehicles, this is the ultimate in tuning aids. Whether you are a professional tuner with a four wheel drive dyno or a home enthusiast, you can now display and capture comprehensive engine diagnostic & performance data. Data may be captured at a speed you would never have believed is possible - tens of times faster than standard OBD-II.

The Subaru Diagnostic Tools are included in the ProECU Programming Kit, which can be purchased from an EcuTek Master Tuners. Please use the Dealer Locator to find your closest Master Tuner.

Advanced Features

The features of the Subaru Diagnostic Tools may be split into several categories:

These tools are currently available for most modern Subaru vehicles. Detailed vehicle compatibility information is given here.

See the FAQs section commonly asked questions.


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