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Custom Graphing

THE example below shows an engine exhibiting a hesitation as it comes on boost.

The car was driven only once to exhibit this fault; the data was logged, generating a log file, and opening this file allowed detailed analysis tobe made to find the fault.

With the custom graphing option enabled we generated a graph of RPM against ignition timing, and looking at 1400 to 2300rpm we could see nothing strange happening with the ignition. 

We then plotted against lambda to see if it was a fuel-based hesitation, and it was apparent that the lambda drops lean between 1400rpm and 2300rpm.

The problem is shown clearly when plotting output voltage from the mass air-flow sensor against lambda.

This astonishing software is like turning on a light in a tunnel: one power run on a chassis dyno or a single blast up the road... and in less than one minute the facts of everything that has gone on are laid bare before you.

  • Log Elapsed Time vs Speed Measure all in-gear times, 0-30mph, 0-60mph, 30-50mph etc (road-based testing only). Know your performance: no more going to the dyno in the hope that you've found more power because you already know you have
  • Log Knock Correction vs RPM Check mapping for optimum performance and engine safety; test to see if adding fuel is better for reducing knock than reducing ignition advance would be
  • Log Lambda Output vs RPM vs Injector Pulse Width vs Knock Correction Find that elusive hesitation that the dyno is too slow to find for itself
  • RPM vs Manifold pressure Test accurate Turbo spool-up times; no more guessing which turbo is the best one for you; instead just find out
  • Log Injector Pulse Width v RPM v Throttle v Manifold Pressure Test your injectors once and for all; are they large enough for the intended power output?

And the list just goes on.... Think of a problem and DeltaDash will help you quickly find the answer.


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