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Products Trade Injector Kits Subaru BRZ 750cc Port Injector Kit

Port Injector Kit for Subaru BRZ - 750cc

brz_750cc_injector_kit_contents.jpgWE are pleased to announce that we now have available a 750cc port injector kit for the Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S and Toyota GT86
The BRZ/FRS engine has two different types of injector fitted: conventional port injectors and the latest direct-injection injectors.

Product development testing has shown that the standard injectors run out of delivery capacity at power outputs around 300bhp.

Larger port injectors will be required for any forced-induction vehicle running more than 300bhp on regular fuel; they will also be required on any forced-induction vehicle running on ethanol (such as E85) regardless of the power output (where 30%+ greater fuel volume is required over regular fuel).

We have extensively tested these Bosch Motorsport injectors on our own in-house forced-induction GT86 and have developed accurate injector calibration settings that are supplied with each kit. The larger port injectors will supply enough fuel for 500+bhp on regular fuel.

These injectors are a perfect fit, with the injection nozzle protruding into the inlet manifold in exactly the same position as the nozzle of standard injectors. Other aftermarket injectors either impede air-flow by protruding too far into the intake, or spray fuel onto the inlet manifold walls, resulting in poor fuel atomisation.

Due to their position and design, these injectors produce significantly better fuel atomisation than any other currently available high-flow injector, providing better fuel economy, more efficient combustion, and excellent distribution at low opening durations, eliminating the usual problems that occur at idle and under slow running. 

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