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Ford EcoBoost Tuning Suite


Please click on the links to the right to see the software featuers that are available, such as Ford ProECU features.


Please click on the links to the right to see the added functions available with Ford EcoBoost RaceROM features.

ECU Connect

ECU Connect fully supports Ford EcoBoost models offering DTCs for all ECU modules, high speed logging and performance analyser testing.

ECU Connect Features

As part of ongoing integration work with our Ford EcoBoost product the following RaceROM features can also also be controlled through ECU Connect.

  • Mode Switching
    Switch between four different modes and set the name of each mode using ProECU. Custom Maps and RaceROM Features can be enabled on a per-mode basis.
  • Boost Controller
    Select a different torque profile for each virtual boost setting, and limit the maximum setting on a per-mode basis.
  • Launch Control
    Adjust the launch control RPM from ECU connect on cars without cruise control switchgear.
  • Custom Inputs
    Custom inputs provides five new virtual inputs that can be controlled using your mobile device. Configurable as a slider, numerical value or on/off switch these inputs can be utilised by RaceROM Custom Maps to interact with the ECU directly from the driver's mobile device, adding a new dimension in driver control of the powertrain.

Fuelling and HDFX Maps

Tuning modern GDI engines is about so much more than just AFR, spark and boost. The Ford EcoBoost tuning suite contains a wide range of maps for injection timing and split ratio, as well as injector scaling and limit maps.

HDFX control maps have been added to allow advanced tuning of cam timing and options to select the current HDFX mode.

Boost Control Maps

Boost control maps are now better defined, making it easier to find the right maps required and faster to tune. There are further map improvements throughout the ECU's functions.

ECU Backup and Restore

Save the state of a non standard ROM and revert back at a later date.


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