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Ford RaceROM Features

RaceROM Boost Controller

Adjust the maximum allowed boost pressure in each of the four modes by using ECU Connect or the cruise control buttons.

RaceROM Map Switching

Select the maximum allowed boost for each of the four modes. The rev counter provides a visual indication and the speakers provide an audible indication of the currently selected mode.

High-Speed Programming

Program the ECU in as little as two minutes with a visual rev counter indication of the progress.

ECU Backup and Recovery

Read the ECU before you program and rest assured you can recover the ECU should a problem occur during programming.

ECU Security

Protect your work from copying by others.

Adjustable Launch Control

RaceROM launch control on Focus ST models and live adjustment of the factory Launch Control on Focus RS models.

Flat-foot Shift

Set a target hold RPM during a gearshift based on clutch position while maintaining an open throttle to minimise boost drop during shifting.


Synchronises RPM on a downshift by blipping the throttle in a controlled manner, resulting in smooth gearshifts under heavy braking without the need to heel and toe.

Oil Temperature Gauge Hijack

Repurpose the factory gauge to display a range of alternative values or even data from RaceROM custom maps.

Auto Start-stop On / Off Memory

Remembers the last setting after key-off so you don't need to enable or disable each time you get back in the car.

Custom Maps

Current version adds basic outputs and ECU Connect integration using custom inputs is also supported to allow live adjustments from your iOS or Android device using the EcuTek Bluetooth vehicle interface.

Custom logging parameters

Nearly 50 data logging parameters enable quality tuning of the complex Ford strategies and maps. Fast logging rates deliver up to 800 combined samples per second, meaning you can log 50 parameters simultaneously while maintaining logging rates of 16Hz (dependent on the combination of parameters selected).

Key parameters include:

  • Boost control map inputs
    Key parameters used by the ECU's turbo shaft power control strategy enables tuners to make measured accurate changes to base maps.
  • Boost Control PID
    Essential to tune the boost control's response characteristics on non standard turbos.
  • Direct Injection
    Keep on top of injector flow and timing and be aware of airflow limits resulting from fuel flow safety measures.
  • Ignition Timing
    Knowing what's limiting the ignition advance is key to being able to make careful changes to maps for more power or to know the tuning is knock limited.
  • Knock Control
    Get feedback on instantaneous and learning corrections.
  • Load Limits
    Track down the source and magnitude of troublesome load limits so they can be set appropriately instead of being removed, maintaining Ford's strategies to keep engines safe.


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