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Honda ProECU Features

Clear Map Descriptions

ProECU Honda eliminates the need for guesswork thanks to its clear and unambiguous map descriptions, which include those for camshaft timing (the VTC system) and cam profile and lift control (the VTEC system) 

High-Speed CAN Logging

Your powerful troubleshooting companion, Ecutek’s high-speed CAN logging incorporates more than 50 custom parameters.

Coloured Map Tracing for AFR and Knock

Highlighting AFR and knock instances for you, this visual-reference aid allows you to trace problems with ease and in double-quick time.


This brings you high-speed ECU reprogramming that’s so fast you’ll be able to ‘flash’ the ECU with a revised ROM in less than 20 seconds

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

ProECU allows you to read the engine management's fault codes, and to clear them from display once the relevant problem has been sorted

ECU Backup & ECU Recovery

The peace of mind and reassurance afforded by these valuable features makes them priceless; one of the first things you’ll do before tuning is to make a copy of your ECU image, ready for later reinsertion for whatever reason there may be. And should your re-programming be interrupted, causing it to fail, the situation can be saved by using ProECU’s Recovery feature 

ROM Compare

This feature puts you firmly in control by very rapidly highlighting the differences between the original factory ROM and your new tuned ROM. 



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