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Live Data

WHEN connected to a car, ProECU Mazda DISI can offer real-time data and map tracing.

The following data is available from the 'Live Data' tab of the ROM file being accessed; this data is accessed directly from the ECU in real time.

Live Data Window
  • RPM engine speed
  • Injector (ms) injector open time in milliseconds
  • Fuel Trim Short Term & Long Term the percentage of fuel trim that the ECU adds or subtracts to obtain stoichiometric AFR. This is useful to determine when the ECU is running in open/closed loop mode
  • Ignition Timing this displays the actual ignition timing that the ECU is currently using
  • Knock Correction knock correction is the amount of Ignition timing removed by the ECU because of knock
  • Air-Flow (g/s) shows the reading from the Mass Airflow sensor in grams per second
  • External Lambda/AFR Input Channel only displayed if an external sensor has been configured in ProECU

It is possible to log the data shown during Map Access mode for analysis in ProECU. It is then possible to customise the way the logged data is displayed using the Time Graphs, Data Table, Custom 2D Graphing, and Custom 3D Graphing tabs in the Log Viewer, as shown below...

Logged Data Viewer

Logged Data Viewer 2D


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