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RaceROM Phase 1

All RaceROM Nissan 370Z features are available on all supported 370Z ECUs.

RaceROM Phase 1 for Nissan 370Z currently provides the following feature enhancements:

Custom Ignition Timing

RaceROM Nissan 370Z provides a simplified ignition timing strategy for the 370Z as the factory system is very complex due to the VVEL and VVT system.

The RaceROM Custom Ignition works with the 370Z standard dynamic advance strategy to preserve knock retard and coarse ignition adjustment so you can extract the most from your engine while keeping it safe.

Extra Parameter Logging

RaceROM Nissan 370Z allows additional diagnostic parameters to be viewed and logged. These extra parameters are necessary for optimum tuning result. They include:

  • Engine Load
  • Dynamic Ignition Adjustment
  • AFR
  • Injector Duty



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