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Live Data

ProECU Nissan GTR utilises and displays all the standard Nissan diagnostic parameters for both the Engine Control Module (ECM), and Transmission Control Module (TCM), as well as custom parameters using RaceROM feature enhancements. These can be logged and viewed using in-built datalogging facilities, providing even more information for tuning and diagnostics.

When connected to a car, ProECU Nissan GTR can offer real time data and map tracing. Map tracing shows, in real time, the areas of each map that are being read and used.

The following example data shows 33 out of approximately 90 live data parameters is available from the "Live Data" tab of the ROM file being accessed. This data is accessed directly from the Engine Control Module (ECM), in real time.

  Nissan GTR Engine Datalogging 

The below example shows the parameters that can be logged for the Transmission Control Module (TCM):


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