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RaceROM Phase 5 Tuning Results

Litchfield Imports

Here Iain Litchfield demonstrates the power of our hard coded FlexFuel feature to deliver 1,164 BHP using their fully built 3.8 litre sport engine and turbo kit and 700 BHP from a Litchfield Stage 4 consisting of intakes, injectors, fuel pumps and exhaust.


Visconti Tuning

John Visconti demonstrates our 12 injector support and FlexFuel capability to deliver 1,352 whp and 1,022 wtrq on a BL 1300 set up using 1,100 cc injectors. In the log files the change over from 6 to 12 injectors is highlighted and you can see there is a seamless transition with very little AFR disturbance, imperceptible in the car. Note also that peak injector duty is only at 84% when delivering these power figures. 
Visconti Tuning's plug and play kit which is very simple to install and works in conjunction with Phase 5.




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