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12 Injector Support

With 12 injector hardware increasingly available off the shelf and power levels only ever going up, balancing fuel delivery with engine running quality becomes ever more important. Until now the choice has been to use expensive aftermarket ECU systems or very large injectors that can lead to poor inconsistent running or severely limit the choice of race gas for high boost applications.

Using a 12 injector inlet manifold, secondary injector wiring harness and secondary injector driver module (Kits available from ASNU and Visconti Tuning), a secondary bank of injectors can be switched in by a re-purposed secondary air solenoid output at low to medium load while injector opening times are recalculated using a secondary injector scaling.

Using this feature will enable you to obtain a smooth idle while delivering the volume of fuel you need under load, particularly on FlexFuel equipped cars due to the increased fuel flow requirements of ethanol. Now you can use the standard ECU to deliver the perfect combination of monster track car and daily driver.




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