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Additional Traction Control Parameters

As we all know simply having a high powered car is not the answer to fast drag or time attack times. Driver skill, track prep and weather conditions all have their part to play.
To build on our Phase 4 launch control and traction control delivered through Custom Maps, we have given you even more control to dial in the launch and ensure the traction is the best it can be for the track conditions on the day. Plus, because we can control an output from Custom Maps via the Cruise Control, you can adjust your traction control with your thumb!
Here are some examples of the control you can have using Custom Maps:
  • Low speed control & higher speed control
  • Traction control slip target for gear position
  • Allowing user slip target adjustment via cruise control or additional switch
  • How aggressive the traction control is versus RPM
  • How aggressive traction control is versus throttle
  • How aggressive traction control is versus torque split %
  • How aggressive traction control is versus VDC Torque limit request
  • How aggressive traction control is versus steering position
  • How aggressive traction control is versus an accelerator
  • Control how quickly the power is reinstated once the slip falls within the target
  • Cylinder cut versus required torque reduction
  • Ignition retard versus required torque reduction
  • Lambda target reduction versus torque reduction
  • Torque reduction method – fuel cut, ignition timing, torque limit, boost or throttle angle



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