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Extra Parameter Logging

GTR RaceROM enables ProECU tuning software to measure & record extra diagnostic parameters not accessable as standard, such as:

  • AFR per bank
  • Boost Error
  • Boost Target
  • Calculated Airflow
  • Calculated Torque
  • Desired Wastegate
  • Engine load per bank
  • Gear
  • Injector duty per bank
  • Knock correction
  • Mass Air Flow per bank
  • Turbo Dynamics
  • Wastegate
  • Visual knock warning - Shows a visual warning of knock using the dashboard's check engine light.
RaceROM Phase 5 further enhances the integrated logging function by adding additional parameters such as:
  • Wheel slip calculated from configurable front and rear wheel speeds for each axle, ideal for custom traction control
  • Manifold gauge pressure, absolute pressure and a full range of boost and wastgate duty parameters to support our new boost control
RaceROM Phaw 5 optimises the retrieval of live data from the ECU to increase the number of different parameters that can be logged at a time beyond the limits of the stock ECU. This allows for a comprehensive selection of live data by default to cover most tuners needs.

Over 90 custom paramters are available for the GTR ECM, including the ouput and calculation values used by Custom Maps.


This video walks you through the EcuTek RaceROM Enhanced Live Data System for GTR as well as some of the standard diagnostics parameters.

To view the other available RaceROM Features, please use the menu to the right entitled RaceROM Features.


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