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Improved Custom Maps

We have improved our unique and innovative Custom Maps feature to enable even more tuning possibilities. With the addition of our dedicated boost control and FlexFuel strategies, all 16 custom maps are now available for the tuners to further exploit the power of RaceROM.
Additional inputs and outputs, combined with expanded possibilities for manipulating the values, allow for complex control strategies to be created from something as simple as a fuel pressure fail safe to a slip target based multi-layered traction control system. Enhancements include:
  • On/Off and PWM outputs for controlling external hardware such as nitrous solenoids
  • More voltage inputs for additional sensors such as fuel pressure or engine trim switches
  • Averaged wheel speed inputs, wheel spin measurements, randomised cylinder fuel cut, throttle control, all ideal for building custom traction control features
  • Primary fuel pump duty cycle control and secondary on/off control to allow full control over larger fuel pumps such as ASNU's Battleship system
  • Notes field, so each Custom Map can be described.


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