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Improved Boost Off The Line

RaceROM Phase 4 improves the existing Launch Control RaceROM feature by activating the antilag as soon as Launch Control is engaged, rather than wait until the RPM has risen. Some cars have trouble reaching and holding the desired launch RPM and this solves that problem.

Ability to adjust Engine Size Parameter for Speed Density

To be Adjusted in Speed Density Calculation for Bored/Stroked Engines

The engine size is a fundamental input to the Speed Density calculation. RaceROM Phase 4 gives tuners the ability to adjust this so they can get better results when tuning bored/stroked engines. 

Full Time Hijack of Coolant Temp Display to Show Other Information

RaceROM Phase 3 gained the ability to display data from a custom map on the coolant temp gauge when the car was map switching. RaceROM Phase 4 extends this ability by allowing full-time use of the coolant temp gauge, not just during the map switch process.
A custom map can be configured to display such things as oil pressure, air/fuel ratio, ignition timing or even the current ethanol content ratio of the fuel in the tank.


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