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Rolling Launch

This feature offers a launch mode that can be activated whilst the vehicle is moving and is designed for those who want to look after their transmissions but also want instantaneous boost pressure when they actually launch. Rolling launch is enabled through the cruise control. Set your roll speed, enter cruise mode, floor the accelerator and watch the boost build. Simply press cancel on the cruise control to launch. If you want to increase or decrease your roll speed while in cruise mode, just use the plus or minus cruise control switch as you would normally. And don't just think this feature is for roll racers, it's pretty awesome on the freeway/motorway too so will be a great 'must have feature for all GT-R owners!

From a technical perspective, you can specify a pre-launch manifold pressure target and target AFR for each mapswitch mode that the feature is enabled in. The ECU will dynamically retard and advance the ignition timing in order to achieve the target. You can also specify rolling launch to only operate when VDC is off. It is also possible to configure the feature to only activate when R-Mode suspension is selected. As a safety feature you can specify a time out value for the antilag system to be active.



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