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Innovate Motorsports Tool Data Logging

PROECU will display and log data from the Innovate LM2 Wide-band AFR Meter.

To use an Innovate USB device with ProECU, simply configure the device from within Innovate's LogWorks software. Once you have your devices displaying correctly in LogWorks, close LogWorks and run ProECU  any USB Innovate devices will be visible from any opened ROM window in ProECU.


Both single and dual channel LM2s are supported, and multiple LM2s can be used at once.

Other Innovate devices connected in an Innovate MTS Log Chain are also supported. For example, EcuTek has used an Innovate LM2 connected to four Innovate LC2 wide-band meters in order to perform per-cylinder AFR trims on a Subaru BRZ supercharger kit. This allowed display of the overall Air-Fuel ratio in the exhaust using the LM2, as well as AFR for each exhaust port using one LC2 per port.

Other innovate devices supported via an LM2 and the Innovate MTS log chain include:


Only devices connected to the PC via a direct USB connection to the Innovate device are supported.

Legacy Serial (COM) port connections are NOT supported, even if the device is connected to the PC using a USB to serial (COM) port adapter. However, these old devices can still be used by daisy-chaining them on the MTS log chain – see Innovate's website for more information.





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