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RaceRom Nissan Juke

All RaceROM Juke features are available on all supported Juke ECUs.

RaceROM for Nissan Juke currently provides the following feature enhancements:

RaceROM Boost Controller

RaceROM Juke provides a simplified version of the RaceROM Boost Controller from our Nissan GTR product. The driver can select from 6 pre-defined boost levels, displayed on the dashboard boost gauge. The gauge is automatically rescaled in order to display higher boost levels.

Extra Parameter Logging

RaceROM Juke allows additional diagnostic parameters to be viewed and logged. These extra parameters are necessary for optimum tuning result. They include:

  • AFR
  • Boost Target
  • Boost Error
  • Calculated Airflow
  • Charge Air Temperature
  • Engine Load
  • Manifold Pressure
  • Knock Correction
  • Torque.



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