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Nissan VR30 Twin Turbo RaceROM Features

High Speed Data Logging

Log up to 50 parameters at up to 50 times a second (50Hz). RaceROM adds 60 new custom logging parameters that are unique to EcuTek and that are critical for accurate calibration.

These custom parameters include detailed ignition and knock control, fuel injector timing, boost and wastegate control, plus charge air and exhaust gas temperature to name but a few.

High Speed Programming

Program the Engine ECU in less than 40 seconds

ECU Backup and Recovery

Read the ECU before you program and rest assured you can recover the ECU should a problem occur during programming

ECU Security

Protect your work from copying by others

Map Switching

Change between four different modes using ECU Connect on your mobile device.

Tune for low octane, high octane, race fuel and even ethanol fuels using the latest RaceROM feature file update.

  • Ignition Base and Ignition Maximum

    Eight new 3D maps, two for each map switch mode.

  • Ignition Per Gear Compensation

    Adjust the ignition timing for each gear against RPM.

  • Ignition Charge Air Correction

    A new 2D map to advance or retard the ignition timing for a given charge air temperature.

  • AFR Target

    Four new 3D fuel maps, one for each map switch mode.

  • Fuel Compensation

    Four new 3D maps to correct fuel trims and compensate for ethanol content without the need to change the MAF sensor scaling.

  • Boost Target

    A new 3D map adjustable for gear and RPM, one for each map switch mode.

Boost Control

Improve the factory boost control with four new additional maps.

  • Boost Target Multiplier

    Against accelerator pedal position and RPM, this 3D map allows the tuner to set the boost target, dramatically improving drivability at low speeds.

  • Wastegate Offset

    A 3D map against pressure and time that controls the wastegate during gearshifts to reduce over-boost.

  • Ignition Offset

    Another new 3D map that limits the ignition retard during gearshifts to help reduce over-boost.

  • Proportional Map

    This new wastegate proportional map has positive and negative correction values for improved boost control.

  • RaceROM Boost Controller Switches

    Enable and disable the new features as you wish.

Charge Air Fail-Safe

Prevent serious engine damage from occurring in the event of an air-lock in the charge cooler coolant system. This is a common known issue with this vehicle!

With calibration settings for load, RPM and temperature, the tuner can enable an engine torque limit fail-safe for a defined period of time should the charge air temperature become too high.

Valet Mode

Allows you to reduce the power output when the vehicle is not in your care. This popular feature is enabled using ECU Connect and now uses a maximum allowed engine torque value rather than accel pedal position to allow a smoother driving experience in all conditions.

Valet mode can also be configured against distance for even more control.

Custom Logging Parameters

More than 65 new data logging parameters that are critical for accurate ECU calibration.

Latest additions are:

  • Torque Control
  • Transmission Speed
  • Wheel Speed Front and Rear
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature
  • Ignition Timing Air Temperature Corrections


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