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Subaru K-Line 2004 Tuning Suite

The ProECU Subaru K-Line 2004 suite supports 2004 onwards Impreza, Legacy & Forester vehicles (fitted with Electronic Throttle Control engine management).

200 ECU versions are supported from all world regions.

RaceROMRaceROM Support

This Tuning Suite supports EcuTek RaceROM. Please click on the links to the right to see the RaceROM features that are available.

Latest additional RaceROM features:

  • Additional Custom Logging Parameters:
    • Flex-Fuel Ethanol Percentage
    • Flex-Fuel Ignition Advance
    • Flex-Fuel Quantity Multiplier
    • Advanced Ignition control parameters
    • Throttle Delta
    • Knock Sensor input
    • Boost Error

Existing RaceROM features available since 2011:



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