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Map Switching for Fuel, Accelerator, Timing, Boost, VVT and Rev Limit

MAP SWITCHING gives you the ability to swap between two calibrations that can be tailored to your requirements. The Map Switching feature can be fully integrated with the Subaru SI drive system, where this is fitted.

Switching calibration can be done in several different ways, even while you're already driving, and the check-engine light flashes to indicate the current mode.

Each calibration can include its own set of further RaceROM features, such as Flat-Foot Shifting or Downshift Auto-Blip. Here are some examples of popular usage:

  • Road mode and Race mode can provide two sets of maps for civilised driving to conserve fuel, then a high-performance calibration for track days or racing
  • Valet mode is a low-performance mode that gives you peace of mind is someone else has to drive your performance car
  • Anti-theft mode prevents engine operation and can only be overridden if you how to change maps
  • Special fuel mode is a calibration optimised for alternative-fuel use, such as race gas or E85


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