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RaceRom Subaru

Features ListRACEROM currently supports 160 Subaru electronic throttle-based ECUs for vehicles with petrol engines. The following features are included:

Launch Control

The Launch Control feature limits the RPM during launch in an attempt to control wheel spin and allow the fastest possible take off.

Downshift Auto-Blip

The Auto Blip feature applies a short burst of throttle when the driver is down-shifting under braking. This raises the RPM to help provide a smooth entry into the lower gear by reducing engine braking.

Flat-Foot Shifting

Flat-Foot Shifting allows the driver to up-shift without lifting his foot from the accelerator pedal. This helps avoid the usual drop in boost pressure and corresponding loss of power while shifting gear.

Speed Density

The Speed Density (SD) feature changes the way the engine load is calculated. When SD mode is activated, the ECU will disregard the MAF sensor reading and will instead calculate mass air-flow based on engine speed, manifold pressure and air temperature. This allows the MAF sensor to be removed and a larger intake to be fitted.

This function can be tailored to work either permanently or under particular circumstances such as a MAP value or MAF voltage, enabling you to make the most of the precision of MAP and MAF fuel calculations for low-speed driving.

Map Switching for Fuel, Accelerator, Timing, Boost, VVT and Rev Limit

Map Switching gives you the ability to swap between two calibrations that can be tailored to your requirements. Map Switching can be fully integrated with the Subaru SI drive system, where fitted.

Switching calibration can be done in several different ways, even while driving. The check-engine light flashes to indicate the current mode.

Each calibration can include its own set of further RaceROM features, such as Flat-Foot Shifting or Downshift Auto-Blip; here are some examples of usage:

  • Road mode and Race mode can provide two sets of maps for civilised driving to conserve fuel, then a high-performance calibration for track days or racing
  • Valet mode is a low-performance mode that provides peace of mind if someone else uses your performance car
  • Anti-theft mode prevents engine operation that can only be overidden if you know how to change maps
  • Special fuel mode is a calibration optimised for an alternative fuel type such as race gas or E85

Per-gear Boost Control

Per-gear boost control allows separate boost calibrations for each gear, thereby maximising boost control options and flexibility. For example, boost may be reduced first gear to prevent wheelspin, but raised in third, fourth, fifth and sixth for increased performance.

Per-gear Rev Limits

This feature allows individual per-gear rev limits to be configured for each gear. It could be used to improve 0-60mph acceleration by allowing a higher second gear limit to just hit 60mph (100kph) in second gear, while preserving the lower rev limit in other gears.


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