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Subaru K-Line 99 Supported Vehicles

Subaru K-Line 99 currently supports the following ECU versions:

  • Impreza Turbo  Right Hand Drive
  • Impreza GT  Left Hand Drive
  • Impreza WRX V5 & V6
  • Impreza STI V5 & V6 & P1
  • Impreza WRX & STI Types R and RA also supported
  • Forester Turbo S & STI

The list of supported ECU for Flash99 is shown below:

  • UK Impreza WRX  ae800
  • UK Impreza WRX  ae801
  • UK Impreza WRX  ae802
  • European Impreza WRX  ae780
  • European Impreza WRX  ae781
  • European Impreza  ag340
  • Japanese Impreza STI5/6  af040
  • Japanese Impreza STI5/6  af041
  • Japanese Impreza WRX Type 5/6 RA  ae480
  • Japanese Impreza WRX Type 5/6 RA  ae481
  • Japanese Impreza WRX  ae490
  • Japanese Impreza WRX  ae491
  • Forrester Turbo  af040
  • Forrester Turbo  af041
  • Forrester Turbo  ag050
  • Forrester Turbo  ag060
  • Forrester Turbo  ae901
  • Forrester Turbo STI  ag380
  • Forrester Turbo  af260
  • Forrester Turbo  af261
  • Legacy Twin Turbo  ad981
  • Legacy Twin Turbo ― ad981
  • Legacy Twin Turbo  ad983
  • Legacy Twin Turbo  ad984
  • Legacy Twin Turbo  ad985
  • Legacy Twin Turbo  ag292
  • Legacy Twin Turbo  ag302
  • Legacy Twin Turbo  af181
  • Legacy Twin Turbo  af330
  • Legacy Twin Turbo  ad971


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