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Extra Customer Map Features

Rear O2 Sensor Voltage as an Input into Custom Maps

This additional input can be used for any number of options when you need a 0 to 5v input into Custom Maps. Click here to see Cosworth in action on our dyno. They are using Pot B (via the rear O2 sensor input) to adjust the direct injector firing angle whilst the vehicle is held on full load and Pot A to adjust the ignition timing (via the CPC pressure sensor input). brz-custom-maps-rear-o2.png

Atmospheric Pressure Reading for USA models

On USA region ROMs when using the CPC pressure sensor as an input into the ECU the atmospheric pressure reading will be incorrect (as the ECU uses the CPC Pressure sensor for the atmospheric pressure reading).

By enabling the check box, the atmospheric pressure will be calculated from the MAP sensor and will read correctly.

Enable Custom Maps According to VSC Mode

Making RaceROM custom maps even more powerful, offering configuration settings that you never thought possible with a factory ECU. brz-custom-maps-vsc-mode.png

New Activation Options for Custom Fail-safe and Startup Maps

Fail-safe map: Select the “Map is initially inactive” option and configure the map to activate in the error condition. Once triggered, the fail-safe map will remain active until the engine is stopped. This could be a map with drop in fuel pressure relative to engine speed, which could save an engine from total destruction and an expensive re-build.

Startup map: Select the “Map is initially active” option and then configure the map to deactivate when a certain condition is reached. Once deactivated, the map will not re-activate until the engine is stopped. This could be a cold start correction that is only active until a certain temperature is reached.


New Output Channels for Custom Maps

  • Accelerator Pedal
  • Direct Injector and Port Injector Firing Angle

New output channels allow even more configuration options. The accelerator pedal output can be used to create a throttle based traction control strategy. With the addition of ignition retard and steering angle inputs for further wheel slip control, you can see that Custom Maps offers a much improved and more flexible traction control than the stock factory system.



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