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Subaru DIT Live Data

WHEN connected to a car the ProECU software offers real-time data, and it's possible to customise the way in which logged data is displayed by using the Time Graphs, Data Table, Custom 2D Graphing, and Custom 3D Graphing tabs in the Log Viewer.

The following data is available from the Live Data tab of the ROM file being accessed. This data is accessed directly from the ECU in real time, providing you with more than 150 parameters to view and log.

  • RPM (engine speed)subaru-dit-data-log-viewer-(1).png
  • Ignition Timing 


    displays the actual ignition timing the ECU is currently using
  • Knock Correction 


    Knock retard is the amount of Ignition timing removed by the ECU because of detected cylinder knock

  • External Lambda/AFR Input Channel 


    only displayed if an external sensor has been configured in ProECU beforehand

  • VVT Intake and Exhaust
  • Fuel Pressure 


    for both current and desired targets

The screenshots shows some examples of the more than 130 different live data parameters that can be viewed and logged in real time.



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