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Subaru DIT Supported Vehicles

ECUTEK ProECU Subaru DIT supports the Direct injection Turbo (DIT) versions of the latest Subaru WRX, Legacy GT and Forester XT in all known commercial markets; JDM, Euro and US.

The FA20 DIT variant is based on the current Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S and Toyota GT86 engine, but unlike the BRZ/FA20 engine that used a Toyota-based port and direct injection system, the new DIT uses Subaru’s own DI system developed by Hitachi. This new DI system is also found on the Nissan Juke 1.6 DiG Turbo model that ProECU already supports.
This new DIT engine is currently found in the following models, all of which are supported by the new ProECU Subaru DIT Tuning Suite:
  • Legacy GT – 300bhp (Japan only)
  • Forester XT – 240bhp (Euro, Australia and USA)
  • WRX – 260bhp (Australia, USA, Russia and Asia)
  • Levorg  JDM
These are CVT transmission models – with the exception of the WRX, which is available with a manual gearbox option. The 1.6-litre Levorg model is also supported.


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