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Subaru DIT Tuneable Parameters

THIS tuning suite allows you to alter ECU parameters that include: 

  • Fuelling Maps
  • Ignition Timing Maps
  • Boost Control
    • Desired Boost
    • Wastegate Duty Initial and Max
    • Turbo Dynamics Integral & ‚ÄčProportional Control
  • Boost Limit 
  • Boost Limit Offset
  • The Latest Direct Injection Control System
  • Injection Angle
  • Injection Timing
  • Fuel Pressure – Target
  • Full Inlet and Exhaust VVT Control
  • Cam Control
  • Accelerator Pedal to Throttle Control
  • Torque Demand Control
  • Sensor Scaling
  • Rev Limiters
  • Speed Limiters
  • DTC Enable and Disable
  • EGR Control for TGV Open and Closed, incl. Temperature Compensation



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