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Launch Control and BOTL

RACEROM Launch Control is now available for the latest Subaru WRX.

This feature enables the driver to adjust the launch RPM dynamically using the car's cruise control switches, with the option which is unique to RaceROM. 
Also added is the very popular Nissan GT-R and Subaru STI exclusive custom feature called Boost Off The Line (BOTL). BOTL will produce a preset target boost pressure while the launch control mode is active and the vehicle is stationary, ready to be launched. 

The boost target can be different for each one of the Map Switch modes.

This clever closed-loop control ensures the boost pressure is held constant and consistent during the pre-launch period. Once the car has launched, the engine speed and torque output continue to be managed during the first few crucial seconds. 

There are many other custom launch control settings that can be configured, as shown in the accompanying screenshot.


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