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Rear O2 Input Function (FlexFuel and more)

USING Custom Maps we can import two separate sensor signals through the rear O2 sensor wiring.

This unique feature offers many possibilities, among them...
  • Flex-Fuel tuning using an aftermarket Flex-Fuel sensor
  • True Wide-band sensor import
  • EGT sensor import
  • Oil, fuel and differential-pressure sensor input
  • Turbo speed sensor import
  • Water injection reservoir level sensor
You can set up fail-safes based on these voltage inputs or even display the sensor values on the centre display using the gauge hijack function. If the rear O2 sensor has been removed or the signal wire is re-purposed, the fuel trims long-term (AF Correction #3) can also be disabled from acting in Open Loop.

This additional input can be used for any number of options when you need a 0-5V input into Custom Maps. 

Click here
 to see Cosworth in action on our dyno. They are using Pot B (via the rear O2 sensor input) to adjust the direct-injector firing angle while the vehicle is held on full load, and Pot A to adjust the ignition timing (via the CPC pressure sensor input).


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