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Map Switching

MAP SWITCHING for the DIT platform provides three separate customisable tuning modes that can be changed on the fly by the driver, using either the cruise control switchgear or the SI Drive knob.

These modes can be customised to provide bespoke settings such as...:

  • Valet Mode ‒ limits enabled so that the Engine RPM is limited or the torque is limited
  • Economy Mode ‒ the car is tuned to provide the best fuel economy but with reduced performance
  • Race Mode ‒ high-power mode for track use
  • Dual Fuel Mode ‒ settings for different fuel types such as E85 or high-quality race fuel
The MapSswitching also works with other RaceROM features such as Launch Control, Flat-foot Shifting, Downshift Auto-blip and Speed Density. It can also be combined with the RaceROM Custom Maps to enable custom features and functions under certain conditions.


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