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Support OS end of support

Operating Systems End Of Support

What is happening?

After 14 years of building software compatible with Windows XP and latterly Windows Vista, we have decided that it's no longer practical to continue supporting old and out of date operating systems. EcuTek is moving on and will develop for Windows operating systems that are currently supported by Microsoft and offer good hardware and driver integration.

What does this mean for users?

On 1st Jan 2017, we will stop supporting Windows XP and Windows Vista. This means that after this date we will not accept reports of bugs that do not also affect later versions of Windows.

On 30th June 2017, EcuTek will no longer provide support of any kind for users running our products on Windows XP or Windows Vista. This means that the first step in addressing tuning or functionality problems will be to upgrade the OS to Windows 7 or later.

What do I need to do if my car is tuned using EcuTek software?

If you have had your car tuned already you will not need to do anything, any tuning work already carried out is completely unaffected by these changes. If you return to a tuner to have your car re-tuned then your tuner will already have made the necessary changes in order to carry out the work.

If you are a DIY tuner using our free retail software all of this applies to you just the same as it applies to our dealers. You will need to follow the steps outlined here to continue to have trouble free tuning.

If you are working remotely with an EcuTek Master Tuner you will also need to ensure you are using an EcuTek supported operating system to run your EcuTek software to continue to be able to effectively data-log, read & clear DTCs and program new ROM files from your tuner.

What should I do for my business?

If you run a tuning business that relies on using EcuTek software you should upgrade any computers that you use EcuTek products on, to Windows 7 or later. In some cases you may also benefit from upgrading your hardware at the same time.

Visit our website here for more information about minimum system requirements.

All of these changes apply equally to any sub-dealers or customers using EcuTek products as well as you. So you may be called upon to support them yourself in line with your EcuTek Tuner or Master Tuner agreement.

You may wish to consider updating any web pages or marketing materials that make reference to system requirements. You should also ensure new customers are aware of these changes at the point of sale.

Starting very shortly all users running EcuTek software on the affected versions of Windows will see a prompt advising them of these changes and how it will affect them.

What if I don't upgrade?

You or your customers may begin to encounter problems using our software on out of date operating systems, and EcuTek may not be able to support you in resolving these problems. We will of course be able to provide our usual high levels of support once you have upgraded to a supported operating system.

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