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Legacy Software – DeltaDash & EasyECU

Both DeltaDash and EasyECU were sold with a K-Line only vehicle interface cable, which unfortunately, is not fully compatible with the latest ProECU software. The EcuTek App Downloader will only download ProECU, so below you will find all the contents of the CDs that were provided with DeltaDash and EasyECU.

DeltaDash CD contents (109 MB)
EasyECU drive-by-wire CD contents (111 MB)
EasyECU non-drive-by-wire CD contents (110 MB)

You can use the above links to download and install the last release of DeltaDash or EasyECU that will work with the black K-Line only vehicle interface cable.

If you would like to upgrade to ProECU, please purchase a ProECU Programming Kit from an EcuTek Master Tuner. ProECU includes all the features of DeltaDash and EasyECU, but provides support for hundreds of additional vehicle ECUs. For more details see the ProECU Programming Kit page.

DeltaDash Manual

DeltaDashManual.pdf (795 KB)
Driver_Install_Manual.pdf (501 KB)

Use these links to download the DeltaDash manuals if you are experiencing problems with the software connecting to your EcuTek USB Vehicle Interface, or if you need to install the drivers for it.

Sample Custom In-car Dashboard Screens

These are some example dashboard screens created by customers using the DeltaDash in-car dash feature. These files may be loaded into DeltaDash to demonstrate the capabilities of this feature. DeltaDash in-car dash will open dash screens even in demo mode so you can try before you buy.

Example DeltaDash Screen 1 (98 KB)
Example DeltaDash Screen 2 (145 KB)
Example DeltaDash Screen 3 (262 KB)

Sample Road Dyno Test Files

These files may be loaded into DeltaDash to demonstrate the capabilities of the road dyno feature. DeltaDash Road Dyno will open dyno files even in demo mode so you can try before you buy.

Modified 99MY UK Turbo (2.0 KB)
Powerful 99MY UK Turbo owned by John Banks, an EcuTek Tuner (1.7 KB)
Modified JDM STI 7 (1.6 KB)
Modified STI 7 Type UK tuned by EMS (2.0 KB)

Sample Data Log Files

Below is a selection of log files recorded with DeltaDash. These may be viewed in demo mode to show what is possible with the software. They may also be imported into other applications, such as Microsoft Excel.

Standard 2002MY Impreza Turbo (17 KB)
Impreza WRX STI 7 Type UK with Power Engineering Exhaust System (6.3 KB)
99MY Impreza Turbo showing fuelling lean spot at low RPM (6.5 KB)
99MY Impreza Turbo with fuelling lean spot corrected (3.0 KB)
99MY Impreza Turbo with exhaust, induction, manifold & custom EcuTek remap. Quarter mile drag (4.4 KB)


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