Marketing support

EcuTek offers various materials to help promote your EcuTek business. We want your business to prosper, so don’t hesitate to contact if you feel we can help further.

Earn FlashPoints through Tier Points

There are many ways to earn Tier Points and therefore earn FlashPoints for free. (TierPoints convert to FlashPoints at the end of each Tier Review Period). Post in social media, make videos, break records, win events, put a banner up in the workshop are just some of the ways you can earn Tier Points. Read our knowledge base article . It has all the details of how you can earn Tier Points.

EcuTek YouTube channel

The EcuTek Technologies YouTube channel offers many videos that offer tip and tricks on using our tuning suites and explain the benefits of EcuTek products. These videos are suitable for embedding on your website. They include RaceROM features by platform, ECU Connect videos by platform and the BMW feature video.

Logos and product shots

Copies of the EcuTek Logos in any format you may need can be found at the bottom of this page.

We also supply professional product photography for our products that you can use on your website where you resell EcuTek hardware. Click on your preferred file type below to download:

EcuTek “glass shard” wrap

You can download a copy of the Adobe Illustrator vector files for the wrap of our Subaru BRZ here. These files are set up for the Subaru BRZ but are easily tailored to other cars by a car wrap company. (41.0 MB)

Workshop banner offer

If you buy an EcuTek workshop banner and send us a photo of it displayed in your workshop, we will award you 200 Tier Points, which will be exchanged for 200 free Flash Points at the end of the tier review period.

The cost for the banners is approximately £75 GBP, including shipping. There are two sizes to choose from, and they are available in black or white versions. See our newsletter for the full details of how to apply.

EcuTek Logos

RaceROM Logos