BMW F-Series N55 & S55 Support

Supported Models

  • N55 Engine Models
    1. F20 M135i – MY 2012 – MY2016
    2. F22 M235i – MY 2014 – MY 2016
    3. F30/F31/F34 335i – MY 2011 – MY 2015
    4. F32/33/36 435i – MY 2013 – MY 2016
    5. F10/F11/F07 535i – MY2012 – M2017
    6. F12/F13/F06 640i – MY 2012 – MY 2018
    7. F01/F02 740i, 740Li – MY 2012 – MY 2015
    8. F22 M2 – MY 2015 – MY 2018
  • S55 Engine Models *
    1. F22 M2 Competition – MY 2018 – MY 2021
    2. F22 M2 CS – MY 2020 – MY 2021
    3. F80 M3 – MY 2014 – MY 2018
    4. F82/F83 M4 – MY 2014 – MY2021

*Please note some S55 ECUs are locked by the Dealer or from the factory. These ECU will need unlocking by an EcuTek Dealer before being tuned. Please speak to your EcuTek Dealer to find out if your ECU is locked.

RaceROM Custom Features

RaceROM Custom features are written into our tuning software to give you unique features that don’t come as standard. They need to be set up by an EcuTek tuner, and you may be charged extra as they take time to configure.

  • Four-way Mode Switching
    1. Swap between four different modes using ECU Connect on your mobile device. For example, Track Mode; Fast Road Mode, E85 Mode; Economy Mode. It’s up to you to decide what set-up you want in each mode.
    2. Using the RaceROM Boost controller, you can adjust your maximum boost pressure and/or maximum torque in each mode using the cruise control or ECU Connect.
  • One-Touch AntiLag/Rolling Launch
    1. Rolling Launch allows you to roll race at the touch of the button. To set, enter the map switch mode in which Rolling Launch is activated. Press and hold the cruise control set button to build boost, adjust your speed with the accel pedal to match your opponent aaand…release the set button and enjoy! The system can be set up using activation time limits, temperature limits and a minimum re-arm time to maintain reliability.
  • RaceROM Burble
    1. Switch between a range of soft to hard burble on the fly, or even disable completely in Sport for full stealth mode.
  • Self Adjusting FlexFuel
    1. No more worries about calculating the ethanol in the tank; our RaceROM self-adjusting flex-fuel does it all for you. Just fit a CANbus enabled Flex Fuel sensor, and off you go. Whatever Ethanol content in the tank, the tune will automatically adjust to give you optimal performance. In addition, there are fail-safes to prevent engine damage if your sensor fails. Link up with ECU Connect or use the Sports Display to display the current Ethanol blend. A quick check can be carried out when stationary just by pressing the cruise control button to sweep the tacho needle to display ethanol percentage up to 70%
  • Up to 8 CanBus Inputs
    1. Add a range of external sensor inputs. For example:
      1. Zeitronix ECA-2 ethanol sensor
      2. Zeitronix ZT-3 wideband sensor
      3. Innovate LC-3 multi-sensor
      4. ECUmaster CANswitch
      5. Autosport AnalogX
      6. Custom user-defined CAN sensor
    2. CAN devices such as the AnalogX allow for multiple variable inputs that can be used to import 0-5v sensors, driver trim switches or even a combination including a 0-5v ethanol content signal.
    3. Fail safe’s can be set up to activate in the event of an input device failure
  • Up to 8 CanBus outputs
    1. Add external drivers or controllers for boost solenoids, water injection, nitrous control, and even secondary port injection. 
  • RaceROM Sequential Port Injection controller
    1. Using the Motiv Motorsport Reflex Box, you can bolt on a control aftermarket port injectors, releasing the power from those bigger turbos and fuel pumps to deliver the maximum performance from your modifications.
  • Sports Display HiJack
    1. Display and adjust your max torque using the sports display or use it as an additional dashboard display to show ECU parameters.
  • Valet Mode
    1. Put the car into a low power mode with limited speed and range, either as a security measure or to allow the car to be limited when handed over to a third party. This still leaves all four Map Switch modes available for your choice of setups.

ECU Connect – Use your Phone to control your tune

Our free ECU Connect App can be used to create dashboards, read and clear DTCs and control some of our custom RaceROM features in conjunction with our ECU Connect Interface. Find out more about ECU Connect here

The following features need to be set up in the tune by your tuner before the ECU Connect App can access them.

  • Mode Switching
    1. Switch between four different modes as detailed above on the fly using your phone.
  • Boost Control
    1. Adjust the above parameters live in each mode via the RaceROM boost and torque controller, using sliders on your phone.
  • Custom Features set up by your tuner
    1. You have up to five features that can be controlled using your mobile device. Configurable as a slider, numerical value or on/off switch, these inputs can be set up to interact with the ECU directly from the driver’s mobile device. Speak to your tuner to discuss what you would like.
  • Typical features you could set up are:
    1. Make your Traction Control more or less aggressive
    2. Activate your Nitrous
    3. Set up a Push To Pass button
    4. Set up a pit lane speed limiter
    5. Adjust your pedal map

Typical results From an EcuTek Tune

Our in-house stage one tuning for our 435i with it’s N55 engine has produced an impressive increase across the RPM range. Peak power is up from 306bhp to 386bhp; peak torque is up from 300 lbs.ft to 400 lbs.ft (400Nm to 540Nm) running a modest 16 psi (1.1 bar) of boost.

The stage one tune was nearly 3 seconds faster in 5th gear from 30mph to 80mph – 11.2 vs 8.3 seconds, and 0-60mph is 0.9 seconds quicker than stock – 5.5 vs 4.6 seconds.

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