DeltaDash & EasyECU

Both DeltaDash and EasyECU were sold with a K-Line only vehicle interface cable, which, unfortunately, is not fully compatible with the latest ProECU software. The EcuTek App Downloader will only download ProECU, so below, you will find all the contents of the CDs provided with DeltaDash and EasyECU.

You can use the above links to download and install the last release of DeltaDash or EasyECU that will work with the black K-Line only vehicle interface cable.

If you would like to upgrade to ProECU, please purchase a ProECU Programming Kit from any EcuTek Master Tuner. ProECU includes all the features of DeltaDash and EasyECU but provides support for hundreds of additional vehicle ECUs. For more details, see the ProECU Programming Kit page.