How do I download my free tuning software?
Visit the downloads page to download the EcuTek App Downloader. This will download and install ProECU for you. Alternatively, if you already have ProECU installed, simply open ProECU and download an updated version using EcuTek Update.

What can I do with it?
You can tune your Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S/Toyota GT-86 vehicle yourself by creating your own tuned ROMs using ProECU BRZ and then program them into your ECU.

What can I adjust?
You can adjust all Ignition, Fuel, Cam Control and Limiters along with many other maps, see this web page for exact details.

Does it include the RaceROM special features?
Yes, some RaceROM special features are included for free, see this web page for the exact feature list.

Can I get all the special RaceROM features?
Yes you can, if you purchase the RaceROM BRZ upgrade from your Master Tuner, which adds the features that are not included in the free product.

Can I damage my engine?
Yes, if you do not understand tuning you can very easily damage your engine. Please consult a qualified tuning shop if you are in any doubt.

Can anyone use my Programming Kit to tune my vehicle?
Yes, any tuning shop could tune your vehicle or other vehicles using your ProECU Programming Kit.

Can I program a ROM file supplied by another tuner or ProECU BRZ retail customer?
Yes, you can program any ROM using your ProECU Programming kit as long as it’s not been protected by ROM Keying.

Can I program a ROM file supplied by another tuner or ProECU BRZ retail customer if it has RaceROM features enabled that I don’t have access to?
Yes, but you cannot see or edit the RaceROM maps unless you have bought the RaceROM BRZ Upgrade from a Master Tuner.

Can I tune my existing ROM that my tuner supplied?
Only if the tuner has supplied the ROM unlocked (not ROM keyed).

If my existing Tuned ROM is locked (ROM keyed) then how can I get access to it?
You need to email your tuner to request access to your map, but it is at the tuner’s discretion. Do not assume they will give you the file; they may charge you for unlocking it.

Can ProECU BRZ read my tuned ROM out of the ECU ?
No, ProECU BRZ does not have READ ROM ability.

Can ProECU BRZ make a back-up copy of the ECU before programming?
Yes, ProECU BRZ can read the ECU ROM by choosing DUMP DETAILS FOR ECUTEK but this ROM cannot be viewed or edited by any customer or tuner. It can only be decoded by EcuTek under special circumstances.

Can ProECU BRZ open, view and edit the -EcuTek ROMs that are available on internet forums?
Yes, ProECU will allow the opening and editing of any ROMs that are of the correct format, but they can only be saved in the secure EcuTek format.

Can ProECU BRZ be used to tune other BRZ/FR-S cars?
Yes, you can tune your friend’s vehicles, but additional Flash Fees will need to be purchased.

How do I buy additional Flash Fees or Flash Points in order to program another vehicle?
You can buy additional Flash Fees and Flash Points to program another vehicle/ECU from your Master Tuner. 

How do I know who my Master Tuner is?
Your Master Tuner’s details are shown on the front of the ProECU Programming Kit and also on the splash screen when you start up ProECU.

Can I change my Master Tuner?
Yes, just email and specify your hardware licence key ID (dongle ID) and the name of the Master Tuner you want to change to.

Can I use the ProECU BRZ for commercial use?
No, you are limited to non-commercial use only by the license agreement. You must contact EcuTek if you wish to use it commercially.

Will I be listed on the EcuTek website as a Tuner?
No, only Trade customers are listed. You will be listed on the website if you purchase the full commercial tuning suite .

How many ECUs will ProECU BRZ be able to tune?
EcuTek will implement a fair usage policy to prevent professional tuning companies from abusing the low cost ProECU BRZ retail product.

Can ProECU BRZ program other ECUs?
Yes, the ProECU Programming kit supports many other vehicles such as the Nissan GTR, Subaru STI and Mazda MX-5.
Using ROM files supplied by an EcuTek tuner of your choice you can program and datalog these ECUs and read and clear DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes). See the supported vehicle list on the EcuTek website.

Can ProECU BRZ edit maps on other ECUs?
Yes, you can edit maps on the Mazda MX-5/Miata as well as the Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S and Toyota GT-86.

Can my ProECU BRZ ROM file be programmed into an ECU using other tools or products?
No, ROM files saved with ProECU can only be programmed into the ECU using EcuTek tuning tools.

What ROM should I use in my ECU?
You should base any tuning on the same-region ROM that’s already in your ECU. See the Tuning Guide for further guidance.

Why is EcuTek giving away free tuning software?
To compete with other solutions that ‘take’ EcuTek data and sell it for a cost or offer it for free.

Why is EcuTek better?
EcuTek developed the first BRZ/86 product and was first to market. Other competitors have less ability and fewer scruples and simply benefit from EcuTek’s hard work. Our superior RaceROM features show our ability as a company and we are the unquestionable leader in this market.

Do any other tuning shops use EcuTek ProECU?
Yes, many famous companies use and have used ProECU to calibrate ECUs, these include Mitsubishi, Subaru, Prodrive, Cosworth, TRD,  Sprintex, HKS, Greddy, Jun, AVO, Vortech to name a few.

I don’t know how to tune my vehicle?
Then you should not use ProECU BRZ and you should visit an EcuTek tuner who can tune it for you.

Can I ask EcuTek how to tune my vehicle?
No, EcuTek cannot teach you how to tune your vehicle.

Can the EcuTek tuner teach me how to tune my vehicle?
Some Master Tuners may be willing to teach you how to tune you vehicle, but they will probably charge you.

What happens if I have a question about tuning in general?
This is not something EcuTek can help with, though some EcuTek tuners may be willing to help you for a cost.