What is RaceROM BRZ?

It is an upgrade to ProECU BRZ offering unique RaceROM features only previously available to EcuTek Tuners. 

How Can I Get RaceROM  BRZ?

It is purchased through Master Tuners. To locate a Master Tuner click here.  The Recommended Retail Price is £249.  The costs may vary depending on the additional services the Master Tuner chooses to offer.

What Do I Get With RaceROM BRZ?

Purchasing the RaceROM BRZ upgrade offers owners the following unique features: 

  • Four-Way Map Switching
  • Speed Density
  • High Horsepower Forced Induction Load Limiter Lift
  • Custom Maps offering unique functionality, such as:
  • Traction Control
  • Flex-Fuel tuning
  • Closed Loop Boost Control 
  • Click here for details

Frequently Asked Questions

View the FAQs for more answer to questions you might have regarding ProECU BRZ and RaceROM BRZ.

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